The Scoop at the Brewster Store - #56, Print


The Scoop at the Brewster Store - #56, Print


#56, watercolor

print:  13.5" x 9.5" (20" x 16" matted)

The Brewster Store, built in 1852 as a Universalist church, was converted to a general store in 1866. In 1993, the Brewster Scoop, an ice cream parlor, was opened in the old shed under the store. 

The Scoop features Historical Sundaes named after the owners of the store: 

The Knutty Knowles (William Knowles, 1866-1925)
The Cranberry Crocker (Henry Crocker, 1935-47)
The Doane Cone (Donald Doane, 1947-70)
The Dibble Dribble (Bob & Faith Dibble, 1970-87),
The 0'Boyd (George and Missy Boyd, 1987-present)

Brewster artist Karen North Wells has painted the Brewster Store in all four seasons and now has added this nostalgic scene to her collection of cards and prints. Go to the Store and get the Scoop!!!

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