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Underground Art Gallery

673 Satucket Road
Brewster, Cape Cod, MA 02631
TEL: 508-896-3757

© Copyright 2002 Wendy M. Mathias.
All artwork copyright is owned by Karen North Wells.
About the Underground Art Gallery

About the Gallery

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The fouer of the Underground Art Gallery

Interior of the Underground Art Gallery
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Karen North Wells and her late husband, renowned architect Malcolm Wells, own the Underground Art Gallery, located on Satucket Road, one half mile from the historic Brewster Grist Mill and herring run.

The gallery is an earth-covered structure built in 1988 to demonstrate environmentally-sound construction practices, as well as house Karen and Mac's production studios and exhibit spaces.

Karen paints in the gallery, allowing visitors to watch her work while they shop.

Come on in!

At the gallery, you will find:
  • friendly sales staff to assist you,
  • original paintings, prints, cards, and gift items, all featuring Karen's artwork,
  • Karen's painting studio,
    Mac's architecture studio, and
  • perhaps Sophie, the friendly resident greeting-kitty.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

Underground Art Gallery in Autumn

Interior of the Underground Art Gallery
Helpful staffmember Bonnie displays an original artwork
for a customer at
the Underground Art Gallery.

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The studio opened in 1990 with 250 tons of earth on top, supported by ten tree trunks.

Because of the earth surrounding 3 walls and the roof, the gallery is exceptionally quiet and insulated from outside noises. Plus, the roof bursts alive with wildflowers in summer, fall, and spring, showcasing nature's artwork.

The gallery employs passive solar heating and cooling techniques to keep naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Gallery visitors are often suprised by the steady cool temperature of
Underground Art Gallery
the gallery in the summer, despite no mechanical air conditioning system. Hardwood trees in front also add cooling shade. While the all-glass southern exposure allows entering sunlight to heat the gallery in the cold wintermonths, a small wood-burning stove adds additional warmth.

The privy features a waterless, odorless, composting toilet with an aerating vent to the roof, allowing people to use the facilities in comfortable privacy while saving hundreds of gallons of fresh water per year.