the Underground Art Gallery

the Underground Art Gallery


Appointments can always  be made off hours.   Leave a message and Karen will get back to you; please call at     508 896 3757

    Summer Hours : Wednesday through Saturday 12 to 5 PM

    Fall Hours:          Thursday through  Saturday 1 to 4 PM

Winter Hours: Saturdays 1 to 4 PM

Dave Dickie has worked at the Underground Art Gallery since 1994.  He cuts the mats and does the framing.  Dave is a graphic designer who also designs Karen's ads for the gallery.

Helpful staff member Bonnie displays an original artwork for a customer at the Underground Art Gallery.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

The studio opened in 1990 with 100 tons of earth on top, supported by ten tree trunks. 

Because of the earth surrounding 3 walls and the roof, the gallery is exceptionally quiet and insulated from outside noises. Plus, the roof bursts alive with wildflowers in summer, fall, and spring, showcasing nature's artwork.

The gallery employs passive solar heating and cooling techniques to keep naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Gallery visitors are often suprised by the steady cool temperature of the gallery in the summer, despite no mechanical air conditioning system. Hardwood trees in front also add cooling shade. While the all-glass southern exposure allows entering sunlight to heat the gallery in the cold wintermonths, a small wood-burning stove adds additional warmth. 

The privy features a waterless, odorless, composting toilet with an aerating vent to the roof, allowing people to use the facilities in comfortable privacy while saving hundreds of gallons of fresh water per year.